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With a focus on healthcare, chemical, agrochemical and food industries, we offer research and consulting services in the science and technology field, and legislation and regulation field. We make research proposals based on your needs and goals in order to provide you with fresh, useful solutions.

Project Examples

  • Uses and applications, market needs of health care products
  • Market research on chemical substances, compounds, materials, technologies
  • Technology surveys (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnosis, regenerative medicine, analysis, package, production, quality, etc.)
  • Literature and information research (chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, medical science, food, biotechnology, engineering, science technology, legislation, technology)
  • Supply chain structure
  • Test and analytical methods
  • Technical data (e.g. toxicity data) required for an application
  • Regional regulations on health care, chemical, cosmetic, agrochemical and food products
  • Alternative methods for animal testing (cosmetic regulation)
  • Selection of partners
  • Selection of technical licensing partners
  • Solutions for custom related issues of different countries
  • Medical and nursing care services of different countries
  • Corporate governance, policies
  • Global quality and supply system

Reflection paper on medicinal product supply shortages caused by manufacturing/Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance problems-WC500135113

『製造/GMP適合問題によって生じる医薬品の供給不足に関するリフレクションペーパー (EMA)』(ご参考用翻訳版)

Interface between REACH and Cosmetics regulations-ECHA-14-FS-04-EN