Analyze Business with Scientific Eyes Business Science & Technology Co., Ltd

In order to see a new business seed emerge and grow, there are many hurdles to overcome. We support the development of a new business with fresh ideas and a wide range of service activities. Our comprehensive support includes business planning, business development, licensing, and consulting.

Project Examples

  • Preliminary surveys (e.g. regulations and distribution channels) for entering overseas markets
  • Assessment of market opportunities in different countries
  • Planning, budget proposal, document preparation
  • Selection and proposal of technology licensing partners
  • Contract support (overseas)
  • Proposal of research/development partners
  • Business building, business collaboration, partnering
  • Proposal of distributors or agents

Reflection paper on medicinal product supply shortages caused by manufacturing/Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance problems-WC500135113

『製造/GMP適合問題によって生じる医薬品の供給不足に関するリフレクションペーパー (EMA)』(ご参考用翻訳版)

Interface between REACH and Cosmetics regulations-ECHA-14-FS-04-EN